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LEGO® Education

SPIKE™ Essential

SPIKE App Download, System Requirements, and Release Notes


LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App

If you have LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime / LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential then you need to download and install the SPIKE App or use the web version.

Tour the SPIKE App

A video tour of the SPIKE App.

App Update Info

App Updates

We regularly release app updates to keep our software up to date, including bug fixes and new features.
Keep in mind that installing and updating SPIKE App software requires administrator rights. App updates are performed as follows:

Windows and macOS

Users are directed to, from where they can download and install the new release. Windows users can also download the update from the Windows Store.

iOS, Android and ChromeOS

If users have enabled auto updates in their app store configuration, updates are downloaded and installed automatically. If not, they will be required to manually update their app from within the relevant store.

Content Updates

Updates to curriculum unit plan content can be carried out using the following methods:

  1. If enabled, users can trigger a unit plan update directly from the update notification within the app.
  2. Users can update the content of a unit plan from within the unit plan overview, if the “Update available” button is visible.


Notifications are a useful way of letting users know that an update is available or required. Enabled within the app settings page, notifications are sent when

  1. a critical bug fix or feature release is available (non-critical bug fixes will not trigger a notification);
  2. a content update to a downloaded unit plan is available; or
  3. a user is required to update the Hub, because the app and HubOS versions are not compatible with each other (this notification cannot be disabled).

HubOS Updates

When a user connects a Hub to their device, the app verifies that it is compatible with the HubOS version. If not, the app notifies the user that a HubOS is required before they can continue.

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