We use cookies or similar technologies on our digital applications.

Cookies and similar technologies are small data files that your browser or app set on your computer or device. When read by our servers, this information can help us deliver a more user-friendly and properly functioning service.

Our apps collect some information (e.g. information on IP addresses, browsers, internet service providers, operating systems, date stamps and time stamps). This information will not be linked to any other information we collect about you unless you have consented to it. But not every cookie is the same. For a list of the categories of cookies we use, see below.

The cookies and similar technologies we use fall into two categories.

Required Cookies: These cookies and similar technologies are required to enable core app functionality and are therefore always enabled. This category includes your IP address, selected country and language and, in the event an error occurs, your usage of the app when such error occurs., When such information is collected, we will not ask for your consent, because we have a legitimate purpose – to ensure core functionality. Please note that you can opt-out of the other categories, but you cannot opt-out of Required Cookies.

Tracking of Non-Personal Information: The tracking of this information is optional and allows us to track your movement on and usage of our app for statistical purposes to optimize your experience. We only use this information where the purpose is considered legitimate and does not require consent. The information that we collect is limited to anonymous and aggregated information which does not include any personally identifiable information (except for IP addresses, which are considered above as Required Cookies). We will not ask to get your permission to place these cookies, however you can at any time opt out of them by clicking on the settings tab and then selecting the opt out feature.