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LEGO Education StoryStarter

Engaging All Types of Learners with StoryStarter

Explore how StoryStarter can fit into your classroom and learn more about the different types of learners

Engaging every type of learner in literacy

Building literacy skills can bring the challenge of encountering different learner types in your classroom.  Each student has an individual hurdle to overcome to be engaged in literacy.  Check out our video to learn about how you can build confidence, no matter the type of learner, and explore all the different types of learners you may encounter below.

Read about how educators use StoryStarter

Educators from around the world are using StoryStarter to help their students build confidence in literacy.  See what they have to say!

Teacher Testimonial

Erin Hardy

“When using StoryStarter, students don’t ever tell me that they forgot what they were going to write, they don’t complain about writing time, and everyone gets right to work. Writing time goes much faster and the details my second graders integrate into their writings are amazing!”

Teacher Testimonial

Andrea Fonseca

“I use it because our school always offers students different ways of learning, and one of the key benefits of having StoryStarter in the classroom is that it helps to develop logic reasoning and to find creative solutions to construct.”

Teacher Testimonial

Irina Vasilyeva

“It isn’t an overestimation to say that the LEGO Education StoryStarter set enables me to arrange the type of activity I have been looking for: one that is integrated, playful, up-to-date and relevant to my students. The activities provide for practically all the components I need.”

Recent Research from the University of Cambridge

Cambridge University's Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) researched playful writing through the year-long Play, Narrative and Narrative Skills Projects (PLaNS).  Initial understanding shows that using LEGO® bricks in a teaching environment, and writing in a playful way, can help improve the following:

  • Motivation for writing: Children who participated in the project wrote for longer periods and produced more creative stories
  • Metacognition: The research explored children's metacognitive skills – or the ability to control thinking processes - and found that their ability to plan and control these processes improved
  • Collaborative skills: The results demonstrated that children, who learned to collaborate in groups, showed improved group skills 

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