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LEGO Education EV3 Mindstorms Chromebook launch

Windows 10 for WeDo 2.0

Make science come to life on Windows 10

Discover science in a hands-on and engaging way in your classroom.

Built on Next Generation Science Standards, WeDo 2.0 puts project-based learning and scientific discovery in the hands of your students.  Get the WeDo 2.0 app for Windows 10. 

To ensure a successful upgrade, please follow instructions below before downloading.

Windows 10 ‘Fall Creators Update’ and Bluetooth connectivity issues.

With the newly released “Fall Creators Update” for Microsoft Windows 10 we have experienced Bluetooth connectivity issues with WeDo 2.0. Microsoft will roll out a fix for this issue on the 16th of December as part of a Windows update. We recommend that you do not update Windows 10 to the ‘Fall Creators Update’ until the issue has been resolved.


Follow the checklist below and download the new WeDo 2.0 Windows 10 app

Checklist completed?  Start your WeDo 2.0 Windows 10 download now

1) Download and reinstall the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 FULL for Windows 10 from the Windows store

2) With the Windows 10 version of the WeDo 2.0 app, you can now enjoy in-app pairing with the SmartHub - learn more here

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