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LEGO Education Early Simple Machines

Teachers know that hands-on learning engages students at every level, sparks creativity, develops critical thinking skills, ignites career possibilities — and is just plain fun! LEGO® Education Machines & Mechanisms sets use LEGO® bricks and creative activities to make interactive, exploration-based learning easier than ever to achieve.

Designed to help young students begin to understand basic real-world science concepts and the world around them, Early Simple Machines is a two-student set for grades K–2 and consists of a curriculum activity pack and 102 DUPLO® bricks and elements. With the addition of fun plastic eyes, sails, scales, and wings, Early Simple Machines lets kids explore mechanical principles as they learn collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Easy, Technology-Free Set-Up

LEGO Education Machines & Mechanisms sets are completely manual: no electronic devices are needed to get started with them in the classroom. 

We have everything you need to start STEM learning using the Machines & Mechanisms solutions for both primary and secondary school. All curriculum packs offer full teacher support, including STEM materials, student-ready resources, building instructions, and assessment tools.

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Time-Saving Curriculum Tools

Our guides and standards-aligned curriculum packs give you a head start, so you can jump right in to using LEGO Education Early Simple Machines sets in your classroom. Each set comes with flexible cross-curriculum activities and NGSS- and CSTA-aligned lesson plans, so you spend less time planning and more time catching those “aha!” moments. 

Lesson Plans

Comprehensive lesson plans for exploring gears, levers, and pulleys come in a wide range of activities to keep your students engaged and in lengths from 30 to 45 minutes. Browse over 12 available activities for LEGO Education Early Simple Machines and view our My First Lesson Guide.

Getting Started

Our start-up guide and classroom management tips will help make everything from unboxing to teaching your first lesson a snap. It will provide you with best practices to make the most out out the set and be successful in your classroom! We also offer face-to-face training through LEGO Education Academy.

Ready to Dive In?

The LEGO Education Early Simple Machines Set comes with everything you need to immerse your students in Hands-on LEGO Learning.
Early Simple Machines Set by LEGO® Education



5+ yrs

Machines and Mechanisms

Early Simple Machines is the first step in the Machines and Mechanisms' continuum. We also have Simple Machines and Simple & Powered Machines for older students or for those who want to explore more topics.