Guide to Funding

Funding Information

The U.S. Department of Education is working to provide access to STEM education for all students.  Through this effort, the Department has opened up access to use several sources of federal funding to support pre-K-12 education in STEM areas.  This guide will provide insight into how your federal funds can be used to finance a LEGO Education program in your school.  Federal funds can be used to support STEM education in the following ways:  

  1. Increase students’ equitable access to STEM courses and experiences, including out-of-school programs, STEM-themed schools, and career pathways
  2. Support educators’ knowledge and expertise in STEM disciplines through recruitment, preparation, support, and retention strategies
  3. Increase student access to materials and equipment needed to support inquiry-based pedagogy and active learning. 

Title I

LEGO Education provides STEM learning solutions through a combination of manipulatives, curriculum, and digital solutions. Educators can utilized Title I funding to support schoolwide programs utilizing LEGO Education materials where the program aligns with the school’s comprehensive needs assessment. The differentiation of learning that LEGO Education curriculum provides creates an environment for all students to succeed.  As a supplemental material, focused around STEM learning, LEGO Education solutions provide an engaging way to continue the learning and apply ideas. Since priority is given to students who are members of underrepresented groups in STEM fields, it is important to address how the materials will be used with these populations specifically. 

Title II

LEGO Education STEM learning solutions offer in-person Professional Development sessions through the LEGO Education Academy to support educators as new teaching methods and materials are implemented into the classroom.  Academy trainings are customizable to strengthen educators’ knowledge and expertise in STEM teaching. 

Title IV, Part B: 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants

LEGO Education provides opportunities for STEM enrichment in out-of-school learning environments.  Educators can use 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant funds to purchase LEGO Education STEM materials and curriculum to support an engaging after school or community-based learning environment. 


While LEGO Education does not specifically address disabilities within the curriculum, students with disabilities are quite successful using the various solutions. Because the curriculum pairs students, this enables students to practice collaboration and communication. These skills help students with autism and language disabilities to improve their interactions with others. LEGO Education solutions are engaging, which challenges in areas of weakness while working in STEM. Throughout the hands-on processes, the students work together so students of different skill sets can learn how to use their strengths and the strengths of others to overcome areas of difficulty, including visual, language, social, physical, or intellectual. 

Carl D. Perkins Funding

LEGO Education solutions provide curriculum options that are industry-based to push students thinking in areas of STEM and see the application to STEM-based fields.  Perkins funding provides a means for bringing this type of learning opportunity into the classroom as well as opening up the opportunity to create courses focused on STEM learning. 

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