Popular Educational Grant Providers

Grant Resources

While we do not provide our own grants, we have provided a list of several popular education grant providers and funding sources beyond Title I, II, III, IV, Perkins, and IDEA.

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
This site provides a variety of science related grants available through multiple organizations. The information is sorted by deadline and shows the category and grade levels for the funding.
National Science Foundation (NSF)
This website allows you to put in key words such as STEM, elementary, physical science, etc. to find exactly what you want.
Grants Alert
This site allows you to search for grants by an alphabetic list, grant types (corporate, federal, foundation, and state), state, or date added. There are also sections titled Grant News, Grant Talk, and Fundraising. You can also find information on grant writers and information on writing grants.
NEA Foundation
This site is for NEA members only, and focuses on learning and leadership that comes from student achievement. Grants are available for professional development and their deadlines are February 1, June 1, and October 15.
This site has information on grants, contests and awards, and classroom resources.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
This site has a variety of grants available for solutions and professional development.
The Grantsmanship
This site has grants sorted by state and foundations.  They offer a 5-day training for grant funding

Space Grant Consortia
This NASA initiative supports the advancement of science and engineering education, research, and public outreach. Funds are available for both curricular and professional development and are provided annually through grants at the state level. Check your state for grant availability.
Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) Grant Program
Created by the US Department of Education, the program aims to increase student achievement by enhancing the preparation of prospective teachers and the professional development activities for current teachers. TQP grants will support partnerships between institutions of higher education and high-need school districts. Look for the availability of funds in your state.

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