As a teacher, you know student engagement in Language Arts can be challenging.  To help boost student motivation and build strong writers, we’ve introduced LEGO Education StoryStarter, built on Common Core and state standards. StoryStarter is a unique LEGO set combined with curriculum and software designed specifically to teach students the basic mechanics of a well-composed story, and offers students a foundation to build and share their own story using LEGO bricks as their toolbox.

For students in Grades 2-5, LEGO Education StoryStarter is the helping hand that kick-starts creativity and boosts reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. With StoryStarter, learners work together to create and build stories with LEGO bricks and figures and then use the unique StoryVisualizer software to photograph, write, and publish their stories.

StoryStarter provides an innovative way of teaching a wide range of essential skills, including:

  • Literacy skills, including writing, language, and reading comprehension abilities.
  • Communication skills, including speaking, listening, and presentation capabilities.
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Digital literacy skills via the unique StoryVisualizer Software.