Sail Car

Wind Power Push

  • How does a sail car move?
  • What force is pushing it?
  • How many different sail shapes did you see?
  • Which sail shape will work best? Which size?

Build the Sail Car

  • Building instructions book "A", pages 62 - 70
  • Design a sail.
  • Place it on your sail car.

Raise your best sail!

Part 1:

  • Which sail will make your sail car move the farthest?
  • Test your sail.
  • Test your partner's sail.
  • Measure how far your car traveled with each sail.
  • Which one went the farthest? Why?

Part 2:

  • Design a new sail while your partner designs another one.
  • Test your sail car again.
  • Which sail shape is best? Why?

How did you do?

  • Explain which sail worked the best.
  • Describe something you could change to make it even better.