Ready for a challenge?


Now that you've got the skills, you must be ready for a real challenge!

Build a playing field.


Follow these building instructions:

  • Game module
  • Path
  • 2 Markers
  • 4 Crates

Here are the rules.

Identify the challenges in the video and write pseudocode to solve them.

Create and test your program.

Break down the challenge into smaller tasks:

  • Unlock the gate
  • Open the gate
  • Follow the path
  • Collect the Crates

Use My Blocks to help you manage your program.

Now solve this mission as quickly as possible!


Alright you've solved it. But can you optimize your performance?

Find ways to spend less time solving the mission.

"Optimize" means to make it more efficient, more precise, or just better in general.

How well did you do? 


Think about what you did well and what you could’ve done better.


Now you really are “Competition Ready!