What’s happening here?


Sometimes, you only have a few clues to help you figure out a situation.

What are some things you have to do before inventing a solution to a problem?

Meet Kiki.


Kiki has an exciting life but she finds herself in all kinds of weird situations!

What’s Kiki’s problem?

SPIKE Invention-Squad Help Step03-Program - en
  1. Read the program and describe what each line of the program does.
  2. Read the story in the comment box and activate the program.
  3. Position Kiki in front of each colored brick.

You’ll hear 3 sounds. Listen carefully, and use your imagination to figure out what the problem might be. Come up with more than one idea

A possible problem could be that Kiki has hurt her leg and isn’t able to walk outside.

How can you help Kiki?

  1. Pick one of the possible problems you came up with, and discuss how to solve it.
  2. Define some success criteria and design constraints for your solution.
  3. Gather the elements you’ll need, and solve Kiki’s problem!

What else can you help Kiki with?


Have you defined another problem that you’d like to solve for Kiki?

Remember to write down your success criteria and design constraints before you start building your solution.

Try to make your criteria more detailed this time.

How did you do? 


Think about what you did well and what you could’ve done better.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in becoming an elite member of the Invention Squad.