A Hopper Race!


Build your Hopper.


You'll start here.
You’ll test this one and then modify it to (hopefully) create the fastest hopper!

Alright, Test Your Hopper!

SPIKE Invention-Squad Hopper-Race Step03-Program - en-us

Play the program and watch your hopper move!

Prototype New Legs


Come up with at least 2 new ideas to make your Hopper move even faster.

Remember: Anything’s possible, but no wheels!

Here’s some inspiration, but can you think of a better idea?


Test Your Prototype


Place 4 bricks of 2 different colors about d=50 cm (20 in.) apart to create a starting line and a finish line.

Place your Hopper at the starting line and play the program. 

You might need to adjust the programming block values so your hopper covers the distance between the 2 bricks.

On your mark, get set, go!


Which team built the fastest legs? 

Explain the mechanics of your prototype.

Did you use gears, levers, or pulleys?

Make the race more challenging by adding some loose bricks to the test track. Can your Hopper walk over them and still get to the finish line?

How did you do? 


What did you do well? Is there anything you could’ve done better?

Being an inventor also means improving things. Well done!