Time to get automated!


Yikes! There are tons of packages that need to be delivered to the right place… and quickly.

How can you speed up the the shipping process? 

Design an automated helper.


You have to design, build, and program a factory robot that can identify and ship the correct package based on color. But first, you’ll need some packages.

Have a brainstorm.


Come up with at least 3 things your automated helper will need to do.
Think about:

  • Ways your robot can sense different locations
  • Ways your robot can sort colored packages

Other possible actions could be:

  • Safely rejecting a wrong package
  • Informing if no box is detected
  • Communicating that it’s “waiting for an order”

Visit the building instructions page for inspiration.


It’s time to build.


Pick the best idea and start building! Put LEGO® bricks together to create your prototype.

Bring it to life!


Now program your robot’s actions. 

Use pseudocode to guide you through coding all the things you’ve agreed your factory robot needs to do.

Make sure to document your bugs and how you’ve solved them.

Program one action at a time, then make sure it works before moving onto the next one.

It’s ok to reuse programs from your earlier projects.

Give a factory tour.


Present your automated helper to potential investors and describe why it’s an awesome investment opportunity.

How did you do?  


Are you pleased with your performance? Is there anything you could’ve done better?

Congratulations! Your business is now in good hands!