Alert! Alert!


Someone hacked the Safe-Deposit Box!

How can you make it more secure?

Build this Super-Safe-Deposit Box.


New version: bigger, stronger, safer!

If you have time, build your own design!

Try this program.

SPIKE Kickstart your business Keep-it-really-safe Step03-Program - en-us

Play the program to figure out how your Super-Safe-Deposit Box works.

First, the safe will lock.

Press the left button on the Hub to unlock it.

You only get five seconds to press the left button!

Time to add another layer of security.


Add a compound condition to your program.

Make it so your Super-Safe-Deposit Box only opens when the dial has been turned more than 180 degrees OR the right button is pressed.

Now change the “OR“ to “AND”.


Compare the security of the 2 programs. 

Which is the safer way to go?

Make it your own.


Create your own secret sequence using compound conditions and have someone else try to unlock your Super-Safe-Deposit Box.

Think about how you did.


What did you do well? Is there something you could’ve done better?

BOOM! Hackerproof.