This is just out of control!


When things don't work as planned, you need to find ways to get ‘em back on track.

How do you usually debug things?

Build a Delivery Cart.


This Delivery Cart seriously needs to be fixed. But first, you’ll have to build it.

If you have time, build your own design.

Play this program to try out your cart. 

SPIKE Kickstart your business Out of order Step03-program - en-us

It should stop right at the marker. Does it?

If not, fix your program.

This programming stack will make your cart run straight into the marker.

You’ll have to change the distance parameter to a value greater than 0.

SPIKE Kickstart your business Out of order Step03-Hint - en-us

Does it follow this path?

Look at the video.

Play the second programming stack and make a list of the 3 bugs you’ll have to fix.

The cart turns in the wrong direction when the Distance Sensor detects the marker.

Inserting a sound or a note into your programming stack can help you detect bugs. If the cart makes the correct movements until you hear a sound, it means the errors are "below" in the stack.

Adjust your program.


Make changes to your program so that the cart follows this path.

Use the comment tool to describe your program’s key actions.

Think about how you did.


What did you do well? Is there anything you could’ve done better?

Hopefully your cart is fixed for good!