Losing shipments?


Of course everybody wants to know where their packages are. That’s why we use tracking systems.

Can you give an example of a tracking system?

Build the Tracker.


This fabulous piece of tracking system technology will follow the location of your packages in real time. But first, you’ll have to build it:

  • Tracker Top
  • Tracker Bottom

Get the Tracker ready!

SPIKE Kickstart your business Track your packages Step03-Program - en-us

Load a sheet of paper into your tracking system and test each of its movements.

The tracker should follow:

  • A horizontal line (left-right)
  • A vertical line (up-down)

Track the parcels on the city map.


Load the city map into your tracking system and combine these programming stacks to follow the route.

Is it there yet?


You can use the same programming stacks but this time the path has a few tricky parts!

How did you do?


What did you do well? Is there anything you could’ve done better?

Your package has been delivered!