What will the weather be like today?


Weather forecasts use data to make predictions. 

How reliable do you think this data is?

Build this Weathercaster.


Let's see how good it is at predicting today's weather!

If you have time, build your own design.

Check the conditions: is it sunny?

SPIKE Life Hacks Rain or shine Step03-Program - en-us

Let's see!

Set the location to your city and see what happens if it’s sunny.

Check out the help section to find out more about how to use the Weather Blocks.

What’s the forecast for the next 5 hours?


Create a program so the Weathercaster can describe the weather for the next 5 hours.

Record the Weathercaster’s prediction in a table.

You’ll have to find ways to communicate if it’s: 

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy
  • Foggy
  • Snowy
  • Rainy
  • Partly cloudy

Here’s one way to program this:

SPIKE Life Hacks Rain or shine Step04-Hint - en-us

Check the forecast in other cities.


Record the forecast for at least 2 other cities.

During the next 5 hours, record the actual weather in your table and compare the forecast data with the actual data.

Use weather websites or apps to get the current weather.

How did you do?


Take a moment to evaluate yourself. 

Congratulations… you’ve just life hacked the forecast!