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LEGO® Education Launches New Master Educator Community Program

U.S. LEGO® Education Master Educators inducted into new program; program to soon expand globally

Boston, MA and Billund, Denmark (June 21, 2018) – LEGO® Education is proud to announce the first cohort of U.S. LEGO Education Master Educators, a new community of early learning through high school educators, and that the program will soon open to educators around the world. Educators across the U.S. applied to join the voluntary ambassador program and the new members represent local school districts from across the country. Master Educators use LEGO Education solutions in their classrooms and embody the LEGO Education mission of enabling success for all students through hands-on learning experiences.

“At LEGO Education, we’re committed to providing hands-on learning experiences that help build students’ confidence and skill sets needed for the future,” said Silver McDonald, Head of LEGO Education North America. “We’re thrilled to bring together educators who exemplify this commitment every day in their classrooms with the launch of the LEGO Education Master Educator program. We hope it inspires educators to share their best practices and to continue fostering important 21st century skills among today’s students.”

The Master Educator program fosters a sense of community among like-minded educators, serving to share knowledge and ideas for strengthening student success through hands-on learning. LEGO Education Master Educators will be invited to provide valuable feedback to LEGO Education solutions and programs to help evolve hands-on learning in schools.

LEGO Education welcomes the following US educators to the 2018 program:

Aaron Maurer
Alicia Miller
Alisha Bridges
Allen Brooks
Allen Clupny
Alyssa Hethcoat
Amanda Barber
Amanda McDermott
Amanda McFee
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Reulet
Amy Kuntz
Amy Rogers
Amy Trujillo
Angela Gier
Anna Johnson
Anthony Johnson
Arielle Goldstein
Ashley Coffman
Becky McDowell
Becky Myers
Bernard Key
Breigh Rhodes
Brian Lachance
Bruce Nelson
Caroline Hanson
Christine Zaremba
Christopher Colson
Daniel Lipin
Danielle Nicholas
David Dulberger
Deborah McAllister
Deborah Taylor
Denis Kogan
Denise Turner
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Vaith
Eric Heuerman
Erin Hardy
Gaby Eyzaguirre
Grace Finn
Greg Kent
Huijing Wu
Ian Chow-Miller
James McDaniel
Jason Zobl-Tar
Javier Aguilar
Javier Garcia
Jeanne Smith
Jeffrey Bradbury
Jen Gilbert
Jennifer Newby
Jennifer Rodabaugh
Jill Badalamenti
Jill VanWey
Joe Moseley
Joe Slifka
Joey Tanaka
John Giles
John Heffernan
John Long
Jon Bishop
Julie Blystad
Julie Moore
Julie Wille
Kareen Wilkinson
Karen Greer
Kathleen Schofield
Kathleen Wright
Katie Buckley
Kelly Etlinger
Kristin Williams-Luthi
Kristy Gilpin
Laura Knapp
Laura Travis
Laurie Condon
LeAnn Simmerman
Leonard Sheehy
Lindsay Foster
Lisbon Brown
Lynne Boucher
Marie Phillips
Marilyn Williams
Mary Meadows
Mathieu Campet
Maya Donnelly
Melissa Edmonds
Michael Carton
Nadine Jacang
Nancy Balaun
Nichole Aryanpu
Peggy Reimers
Philip Mayhoffer
Rebecca Gerdes
Rebecca McKeithen
Renee Geddings
Sarah Petersen
Sarah Phelps
Sarah Tierney
Sarai Bakal
Scott Hodges
Scott Richards
Sean Arnold
Sharon Dudley
Sherri Taylor
Susan Julio
Teresa Vera
Tomika Altman-Lewis
Wendy Lizana
Wesley Kennedy

Applications for educators around the world will open in the next few months and again for everyone in January 2019. More details can be found here.

Master Educators do not receive monetary compensation from LEGO Education for their participation in the program.


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