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Bring LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 into your high school

Read how Bill Church challenges and engages his high school students

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Finding ways to use robotics in his science classroom has never been a problem for Bill Church. With concepts such as force and motion, acceleration, data collection and graphing, and energy, he is never without an activity or a challenge. However, creating engaged learners is more important to Bill. Learn how he uses our education solution in the classroom to engage his 21st century learners.

Meet Bill Church

Bill Church has 20 years of classroom experience and has used LEGO® solutions for over 16 years.  Bill specializes in STEM education and served as a teacher at Profile Jr/Sr High School located in Bethlehem NH.  He also serves as the Director of White Mountain Science Inc. (WMSI) - which strives to excite kids and teachers with STEM knowledge and skills and uses our LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education solutions.

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LEGO MINDSTORMS High School Robotics and STEM

What skills does the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 solution provide for high school students in STEM?

For Bill, our solution provides students with the chance to learn key ideas of STEM disciplines.
"Specifically, they are given the chance to put design thinking into practice. They brainstorm big ideas and make first steps with concrete ideas. They are given or create criteria for their project's success. They work within constraints. They iterate in their design efforts by investigating brand new ideas in action, observing success or failure, revising the ideas, and testing them out again." 

Our solution also provides opportunities to apply specific concepts of all the STEM fields.  Students have the flexibility of working with hardware and software.  They get the chance to experience both the design and debugging process.
"They communicate ideas with technical representations (code, graphs, tables of test data, and physical construction). But, most importantly, they own their learning through the projects they make themselves. They laugh and smile. They play. They experience what Seymour Papert calls hard fun. They practice the critical skill of life-long learning by ending a project wanting more."

They laugh and smile. They play. They experience what Seymour Papert calls hard fun. They practice the critical skill of life-long learning by ending a project wanting more.

Bill Church

How effective is the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 solution for coding in high school?

Our solution offers students an easy platform to introduce beginning computer science concepts while supporting more advanced topics. As observed by Bill Church, "Students write, run, and observe their first programs very quickly. From turning on a motor to making their EV3 make sounds, they observe the connection between their code and the action of their code. This encourages them to edit and revise their code. As they add more blocks to their programs, they learn to troubleshoot and debug their programs."  

Through collaboration with classmates and teachers, students are encouraged to ask "what if" questions and try more advanced programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, and variables of different data types.
"As their programs get bigger, students break them down into sub-programs, abstracting complex behaviors into higher level functions. They are learning the big ideas of computer science that can be applied to other coding environments."

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Align Skills Against Standards

The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 helps teachers tackle assessment needs and aligns with key skills reflected in national standards, which challenge students to explore real life themes and challenges.

  • Students design models as solutions to complex industry problems with numerous criteria and constraints
  • Students plan, conduct, and share investigations to analyze scientific principles in various areas of physical science 
  • Students apply science and math concepts while simulating how humans would survive on Mars 
  • Students develop computational thinking skills while investigating and coding robots that simulate autonomous cars 

Learn About the Space Challenge

Engage your students with our EV3 Space Challenge set, which delivers all the fundamental skills needed to align your students against national standards.  

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