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Preschool Early Language and Literacy

Early Language & Literacy

Stimulate language development through playful learning experiences

Children learn about communication as they begin to express their thoughts and ideas. LEGO® Education Preschool encourages this development and introduces basic storytelling by asking children to construct fantastic fairy tales and sensational imaginative short stories with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, characters and inspirational backdrop cards. Let your preschoolers stand in the spotlight - and share it with others - by telling expressive, imaginative stories together.

Fantasy Minifigure Set

With 21 unique fairytale and historical characters, the Fantasy Minifigure set will enable preschool children bring stories to life and unleash their imagination. Playing cards offer game opportunities that promote social skills, critical thinking and language development.

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Promote creativity, imaginative storytelling, and language development with this unique and engaging story telling set. Children will naturally collaborate and develop speaking and listening skills as they build their stories and role play. Anyone can tell a story with StoryTales!

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