Learning Social & Emotional Development
Through Play

Young children’s natural instinct is to learn and grow through play. LEGO® Education Social & Emotional Development solutions inspire hands-on, intuitive explorations of emotional, collaboration, and social skills. As the young students build, create stories, and navigate situations together with colorful LEGO® DUPLO® and LEGO® bricks, they also strengthen their problem-solving abilities, empathy, and sense of self.

Created for early learners, Social & Emotional Development solutions are designed to help the youngest students build critical social and emotional skills. Unique combinations of bricks, combined with two-sided inspiration cards, easy getting started activities and standards-aligned lesson plans, engage students in recognizing and understanding feelings, expressing preferences, resolving conflicts, and learning about relationships.

Time-Saving Curriculum

Flexible lesson plans and activity cards for a range of learning levels make tailoring lessons to your specific classroom needs simple. LEGO Education Social & Emotional Development lessons are aligned to the social and emotional development guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and HeadStart.

Lesson Plans

Designed for children working in groups, LEGO Education social and emotional development lessons accommodate different learning levels and promote collaboration, communication, and role-play. Browse our Social & Emotional Development lessons.

Getting Started

Getting-started cards, tutorial videos, and a free online teacher guide make integrating our early learning solutions into your classroom a snap. Browse our Early Learning teacher guides and learn more about our optional face-to-face training through LEGO Education Academy.

Ready to Dive in?

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