Simple Machines Introduction

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We have gathered teacher recommendations in a simple 3 step guide for you to print and use as a reference.

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Many LEGO Education products require curriculum to get a succesful start in the classroom. You can now download and explore Machines & Mechanisms Resources for free at any time.

How to start your first lesson

We suggest starting with the Merry-go-round activity. Find activity structure and teaching material in My First Lesson Guide.


Classroom Management Tips

Here you find information about how to get organized before,during and after class. 


New Curriculum Pack for MAKER

Let us guide you through the process that will enable your students to have a good time while making and presenting their creative ideas.


Further support

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Visit our online shop and find the solution that fit your needs. Start planning your first lesson using the guides presented above, and prepare for some fun and engaging Machines & Mechanisms activities in your classroom. 

Teacher training & support

To help ensure that you successfully implement and use Machines & Mechanisms in your classroom, we offer face-to-face professional development and training. Training is facilitated at your school by a LEGO® Education Academy Certified Teacher Trainer.

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