Research and Insights

Meet some of the talented people using LEGO Education solutions in their Preschools

The engineers of tomorrow

Read more about the importance of building early engineering skills.

Engineers of tomorrow
LEGO Education - STEAM in early education

STEAM in early years education

Read more about how preschoolers can benefit from learning the foundations of STEAM.


Confident Storytellers

Read about why playful literacy experiences are important

Confident stotytellers
LBC research august

Role Playing

Read about role playing and that 'such play substantially contributes to a child's development' [Sutton & Smith, 1997]



Read about the importance of harnessing creativity, developing self-expression and raising self-esteem.

Creativty and self esteem
Discover community

Discover the community

Read about how play can help preschool children discover their community

Research & Insights

Building Social Skills

Learn why play is so important to develop social and emotional skills as early as preschool.

Research & Insights
LEGO Education Research
Math activity

Building Math Skills

Children develop important early math skills, in a playful, hands-on setting. Read more here

Research & Insights


Read more about developing responsible citizens together.

Research & Insights
Research March

Imagination & Creativity

Read more about the importance of imagination and creativity 

Research & Insights

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