WeDo Installing on Networks

How to use this file

To run this installer in quiet mode:

  1. Edit the information below to match your company information and install location. 
  2. Run : setup.exe <path to this file> /q /AcceptLicenses yes. Passing the value "yes" to the /AcceptLicenses parameter indicates that you agree with the license agreements. Alternatively,= instead of /q, /qb can be used to run the installer in basic UI mode. 
  3. The installer will automatically restart your system after the installation is done. To prevent the restart use the command line : setup.exe <path to this file> /r:n /q /AcceptLicenses yes

Please visit the following page for more information:


Set user information

If the SerialNo key exists but its value is empty, and the installer support an evaluation mode, then an evaluation mode will be selected by default.



Set feature states

The valid feature states are: Local, Absent, NoChange, Default

Local - Install it (on the local hard drive). If already installed leave it installed. 
Absent - Do not install it. If already installed uninstall it. 
NoChange - Do not install it. If already installed, leave it installed.

Default is equivalent to not listing the feature in this file. The feature follows its default behavior.



Set install directories

*** To use the default paths, remove the following section***