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Dancing Robot
Design and create a robot that can move. What type of dance can it perform? Can you tell a story through the dance? How will your robot move? Can you move the same way?
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Make a Life Hack
Ever have a problem that you wish you had an invention to solve? Why not create one and solve an issue you have? Is it something that helps you every day? Does it solve a specific issue or can it be used in different ways? Use your creativity to create a life hack.
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Make a Mascot
Does your school have a mascot? Where else have you seen mascots? What do mascots do? Think about how a mascot often cheers on the team. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own mascot cheering you on? Think of what type of mascot would represent you best. Design and create your mascot.
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Make a Cartoon
Do you love cartoons? Ever wonder how they are created? Think about a way that you can create your own through combining your drawings with a moveable device. How will you bring your drawings to life and create your own cartoon.
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Make a Mechanical Friend
Friends can come in many shapes and sizes. You can even create your own. Challenge yourself to make a mechanical friend that can do a fun activity with you. What activity will you choose? How will your friend need to move to complete the activity? See how creative you can be.
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Make a Machine to Move Something
Sometimes we need help moving an item because it’s heavy or a weird size. Think of an item that you might need help moving. Can you design something to help you? Simple machines are great tools. Think about how you could use a simple machine to help move your object.
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Make a Sound Machine
There are many ways to make sounds. Think about how you can create a machine that can make the sounds you want. Is it loud? Why will you produce these sounds? Think about all the ways that we use sound and come up with something useful.
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