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Coaching related questions (US Only)

What is LEGO Education coaching?
LEGO Education’s coaching model is best described as job-embedded professional development for educators who use LEGO Education solutions to support holistic learning outcomes via STEAM-focused educational experiences.
Coaching is a personalized, approachable, and active program that helps to continuously build STEAM teaching practices to deliver engaging, hands-on, playful STEAM learning. Led by a LEGO Education certified coach, the program focuses on transferring professional learning to individual classroom environments. Coaching includes:

  • Lesson Delivery Coaching
  • Lesson Preparation and Reflection Coaching

What is Lesson Delivery Coaching?
LEGO® Education lesson delivery coaching is a collaborative, highly responsive coaching experience that enables teachers to build on their STEAM skills and teaching habits to deliver learning experiences that are meaningful, socially interactive, actively engaging, iterative, and joyful. Led by a LEGO Education certified coach, this personalized, one-to-one, interactive experience takes place during classroom lessons with students, and focuses on helping teachers transfer their professional learning to their own classroom setting.

What is Lesson Preparation and Reflection Coaching?
LEGO® Education lesson preparation and reflection coaching enables teachers to create and refine learning experiences that are meaningful, socially interactive, actively engaging, iterative, and joyful. Led by a LEGO Education certified coach, either virtually or on site, teachers work in groups of up to ten to set and achieve a collective learning goal based on their shared interests and needs. The collaborative coaching format helps participants build confidence and competence in developing lesson plans, optimizing classroom management systems and procedures, aligning LEGO Education solutions to their instructional goals and curriculum calendar, and identifying strengths and challenges in their students’ work to improve classroom instruction.

How is coaching different from other LE PD offerings?
Coaching differs from the training provided in workshops or courses because it primarily occurs in, and focuses on, the educator’s own environment. Instead of rigidly following an externally determined syllabus or set of objectives, coaching addresses each teacher’s unique questions and needs.

Why do coaching?
Coaching has tremendous potential to impact educators’ skills as well as their students’ learning. Research has clearly shown the powerful effects of coaching in improving educators’ academic and behavioral practices.*

Who facilitates the coaching?

  • LEGO Education Academy Certified Teacher Trainers who have participated in our coaching certification program.
  • LEGO Education coaches work alongside teachers, supporting them in building the skills, knowledge, and habits necessary to be self-sustaining in their professional growth.

How does the coaching happen?

  • All coaching experiences begin with the teacher(s) identifying a goal for improvement in classroom practice when using LEGO Education solution(s). Teachers complete a questionnaire for a guided goal-setting reflection.
  • Once a goal is selected, the coach and teacher(s) meet via web-conference for an initial coaching conversation to align on goals and activities for learning, practice, and reflection.

There are two types of coaching:

  • Group Coaching, focused on Lesson Preparation or Reflection. Similar to a professional learning community, the group selects a goal for learning and participates together in a group learning experience focused on job-embedded tasks, such as curriculum mapping or analyzing, preparing, and rehearsing for an upcoming lesson.
  • Individual Coaching, focused on Lesson Delivery. The coach supports the teacher to implement changes in practice aligned to their coaching goals while they are leading lessons with their students, using a range of supports including model teaching, co-teaching, and real-time coaching.
  • All coaching cycles end with a teacher reflection on progress to their goals for the cycle, and a plan for next steps.

Where can I get coaching?
Coaching may occur online, via web-conference, or on-site at a school.

How long is the coaching?
Each coaching cycle takes a minimum of 2 hours in total. This consists of:

  • a 30-minute initial coaching conversation to align on goals and coaching activities, and
  • 90 minutes of learning, practice, and reflection.
  • Customers may purchase multiple cycles of coaching.

How do I purchase coaching?
US customers may purchase coaching through their sales rep. Customers that do not yet have a sales rep may contact one of our Solutions Consultants: https://education.lego.com/en-us/about-us/contact-us

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