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Release notes for LEGO® Education SPIKE app v. 2.0.0

  • Added the new product LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential for primary education. SPIKE Essential comes with 5 tutorials, 35 lessons, and 30 Building Instructions. The physical product should be purchased separately.
  • Added new Icon based block language for young learners.
  • Added Coding Blocks for LEGO® Technic Small Hub, LEGO® Technic 3x3 RGB Light Matrix, and LEGO® Technic Small Angular Motor.
  • Added Tilt-blocks, and Bar Graph block extension.
  • Added help function on all blocks in the right-click/long-press menu.
  • Improved overall UX.
  • General bug fixes.
  • Hub OS update. Firmware updated required.

Release notes for LEGO® Education SPIKE app v. 1.3.5

  • App Rating prompt now included​
  • App size reduced to save space on user devices​
  • App sounds now available in Python

Release notes for LEGO® Education SPIKE app v. 1.3.3

General bug fixes

  • General content improvements
  • App stability improvements
  • Bluetooth stability improvements
  • New update notification & process- now in app store.
  • Expanded program size capability- supporting up to 800 + blocks.

Release notes for LEGO® Education SPIKE app v. 1.3.2:

  • Bluetooth connectivity optimizations
  • Hub working memory improvements
  • General bug fixing
  • Continuous content improvement
  • Improved general performance/stability
  • Hub OS update

Release notes for LEGO® Education SPIKE app v. 1.3:

New SPIKE Prime unit, Training Trackers, for physical science and data visualization (EN-US language only)

  • 3 new block extensions (Display, Line Graph, and More Sensors)
  • New Line Graph Monitor to display logged values
  • Ability to import/export values in lists
  • New Guided Mission for 2020 FIRST LEGO League Challenge
  • Full language support for Python Knowledge Base
  • Updated system requirements for iOS (iOS13 or later)
  • Improved performance/stability
  • Updated Hub OS to support new app features

Release notes for LEGO® Education SPIKE app v. 1.2:

New Python coding experience – Python editor and documentation

  • Improved Sound Editor
  • Improved ‘My Projects’ functionality - added management of projects
  • Improved ’Settings' functionality - added control of notifications
  • Prolonged idle time before Hub timeout - from 5 to 20 minutes
  • Overall bug fixes and stability improvements

Release note for LEGO Education SPIKE app v. 1.1.4:

Unit Plan download improvements: Some users are not able to download Unit Plans. This is now resolved.

  • App stability improvements: General improvements of app stability

Release note for LEGO Education SPIKE app v. 1.1.0 and 1.1.1:

Improved overall app stability and performance for all operating systems and device types

  • Improved Bluetooth connection stability and performance
  • Fixed jerk issue when stopping motor
  • Fixed issues in Getting Started flow
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