Make an Autonomous Robotic Explorer

Design Brief

Design, build, and program a robotic system that follows a path and communicates its position at least twice along the way.

Think about these questions:

  • What kind of motorized mechanism can be used to control a robot's movements?
  • How can the robot sense where it is along the path?
  • How can the robot communicate its position on the path?

Use typed notes, a handwritten lab notebook, sketches, photos, screenshots, or videos to document your design process. Make sure you explain:

  1. Any challenges you are facing.
  2. How you are working to overcome these challenges.
  3. What resources you need.
  4. Ways in which your classmates or teacher can help.
  5. Any early signs of success you are observing.

Communicate the results of your work by:

  • Creating a video that demonstrates your design process starting with your initial ideas and ending with your completed project
  • Creating a presentation that connects your projects with real-world applications of similar systems

Ask for feedback and conduct a self-assessment. Use the evaluation tools your teacher has provided.