Make a Speed Control System

Design Brief

Design a cruise control system that changes the speed of a vehicle with the touch of a button.

Think about these questions:

• What is the purpose of cruise control in a car?
• How does cruise control help a driver during long drives?
• How would a touch button speed control system be used by a driver?
• What elements will you need to include in your program in order to turn button presses into changes in motor speed?

Start by building a vehicle. You can use any of the suggested LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Driving Base models or design your own. Make sure to include buttons that simulate the buttons found on the steering wheel of a car with cruise control.

Create a cruise control program for your robot, like the ones found in many cars today. Your robot should be able to:

• Speed up or down in increments of ten when the Touch Sensors are pressed
• Show the vehicle speed (motor power) on the EV3 Brick Display

Document your initial ideas. Decide how you will evaluate these ideas to pick the best one(s) for your project. Share with a classmate or your teacher why you chose this solution.

Communicate the results of your work by:

• Creating a video that demonstrates your design process starting with your initial ideas and ending with your completed project
• Creating a presentation that connects your project with real-world applications of similar systems

Ask for feedback and conduct a self-assessment. Use the evaluation tools your teacher has provided.