Getting Started Project, part D: Collaborating

Key Objectives

In this project, you will:
• Create and program a device to move the plant sample.
• Document and present how Milo’s mission went overall.


1. Explore phase

Max and Mia have found out that the plant sample was too heavy for Milo to move alone.


2. Create phase

Use the bricks:
Create a collaboration device with another Milo from another team to move the plant sample.


Turn on the Smarthub and connect it to your device. Watch the video if you need help.

See the Help panel for more guidance.

Program your probes to carry the plant specimen to the final destination.


3. Share phase

Finalize your document
• Insert a picture of Milo.
• Insert a screen capture of one program.
• Insert other information you think is important.

Share your final document.


Share your findings:
Explain how you succeed in carrying the plant specimen.