Make a Driverless Car

Design Brief

Think about these questions:
• What are autonomous cars and how do they work?
• Where do autonomous cars get their directions?
• What movements does the car need to perform in order to move through a series of city streets on a north, south, east, west grid?

Start by building a vehicle. You can use any of the suggested LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Driving Base models or design your own. Make sure there is clear access to the Brick Buttons on top of the EV3 Brick. They will be used to control direction in this activity.

Create a program to control your robot using a recorded set of instructions given to it through the buttons on the EV3 Brick. Use these parameters:
• Up Button bumped, the robot moves forward 30 cm
• Down Button bumped, the robot moves backward 30 cm
• Left Button bumped, the robot turns 90 degrees left
• Right Button bumped, the robot turns 90 degrees right

Think about using arrays to:
• Record the movements a user would input by pressing one of the Brick Buttons
• Use the data stored in the array to reproduce the corresponding movements

Communicate the results of your work by:
• Creating a video that demonstrates your design process starting with your initial ideas and ending with your completed project
• Creating a presentation that connects your project with real-world applications of similar systems

Ask for feedback and conduct a self-assessment. Use the evaluation tools your teacher has provided.