Play the game!


Have you ever watched a sport played with special equipment?
Name 3 sports that use special equipment.

Modify the robot.


You’ll need a Driving Base robot with special attachments to solve the mission.
Build the modifications to the robot.

Set up the game field.


Make sure the Boccia Share model is placed correctly on the FIRST LEGO League game field.

Program and go!

EV3 Classroom-Programs 1-7-program en-us

Run this program and see what it does.
Make sure you start with your Driving Base in the right position.
How can My Blocks be used to organize and reuse code?

What’s next?


Use your skills to get to another mission model.

Think about how you did.


What did you do well? Is there anything you could’ve done better?
Now you’re ready for your next mission!