Introducing LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime.

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Available Now

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime is a powerful STEAM learning solution for years 7-9 that combines LEGO bricks, Scratch programming language, and a programmable multi-port Hub to help every learner become a confident learner.

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EV3 Meets Python

Unleash the power of Python programming with MicroPython, now standard with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. The new EV3 MicroPython programming language is an optimised version of Python for micro-controllers and enables students to acquire skills directly applicable to real-world Python programming.

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LEGO Education Solutions

Early Learning

LEGO® Education Solutions for early learning use play to open up the world of early math, science, and language skills for young children. Foster a love of discovery and investigation to help the youngest students develop social and emotional skills that set them up for a lifetime of successful learning.


LEGO® Education Solutions for primary school provide the engaging, hands-on experiences students need to explore core STEM concepts and link them to real-life phenomenon. Solutions grow with students as they problem-solve and discover how science, technology, engineering, and math affect their everyday life.


LEGO® Education Solutions for secondary school grow with students as they engage at every level, providing hands-on experiences that stimulate communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills — so they can succeed in their STEM classes today and realize their full potential as digital citizens and leaders tomorrow.

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Now available: MINDSTORMS EV3 MicroPython Programming Language

The new EV3 MicroPython programming language, now standard for all EV3 secondary school content, is an optimised version of Python for micro-controllers and enables students to acquire skills directly applicable to real-world Python programming.


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LEGO Education News

News and Events

Read the latest news from LEGO® Education, including details of any upcoming events and interviews with innovative classroom teachers.

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Aisha Kristiansen

Teacher Feature

Aisha Kristiansen is a Year 5 & 6 Teacher at Christ the King Primary School, in Newcomb, Victoria. Aisha is passionate about STEM Education and cutting-edge technologies.
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Design and Technologies

Help your students use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce designed solutions for real-world engineering challenges.

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Preschool Build Me Emotions

Social & emotional development

LEGO® bricks inspire preschoolers to explore their imaginations, creating positive relationships and stimulating their social and emotional development. The bricks become part of inclusive role-playing games that get children working together.

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