Visit a LEGO® Education Learning Centre

LEGO® Education Learning Centres provide adults and children with a total LEGO Education experience, with opportunities for creative problem solving, concentration & perseverance, designing, planning & organisation, teamwork, communication, and independent thinking.

Teachers can bring their early years or middle years class for a “hands on, minds on experience”.

Parents can bring their children for holiday programs or birthday parties.

LEGO Education Learning Centres in Australia are run by Moore Educational.

Just another school day?

Not at a LEGO® Education Learning Centre.

Explore how robotics, mechanisms, storytelling, and creative construction engages students in playful learning.


Teacher professional development

Teacher professional development at a LEGO® Education Learning Centre maximises the use of LEGO Education resources while addressing the Australia Curriculum in an engaging, creative way.

Learning Centre locations

Melbourne, Victoria

Shop 5/439 Docklands Drive
Waterfront City
Docklands VIC 3008

Ph: 03 9602 1116
Fax: 03 9602 1156


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South Brisbane, Queensland

2/78 Merivale Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Ph: 07 3844 6337
Fax: 07 3844 6307


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