LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App

If you have LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime / LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential then you need to download and install the SPIKE App or use the web version. The SPIKE App Includes lessons, getting started tutorials, building instructions and help section.

Please note:

  • The Python API is part of a coming update to the SPIKE App.
    If you are coding in Python, we recommend you stay on the Spike Legacy App until this update is available.

  • SPIKE App 2 projects are not currently compatible with the SPIKE App 3 and vice versa.
    If you have saved user programs that you want to run, please use the Legacy App.

The legacy app can be found here:
SPIKE Legacy App

To see the FAQ for the SPIKE App , please go here: Product Info

For further support and resources, please visit our support portal: Support Portal