Early Learning

Prepare children for school and life with creative intuitive solutions.


Early Learning

Prepare children for school and life with creative intuitive solutions.

Build Confidence

Build Confidence from Early On​

Children are born curious and eager to learn. Our Early Learning solutions stimulate children’s natural curiosity while encouraging them to learn through play.


Early Learning Is Where It Starts​

Our mission is to help prepare young children for school and life by building their social skills, and for them to begin their STEAM journey early on.


Build Their Early Skills​

Focus on building your students’ skills with solutions designed to stimulate their curiosity.


Boost Their Passion for Learning​

Add to the fun with special booster sets which give endless opportunities to explore, play and learn.


“I love the moments when I catch the children using Early Learning sets from LEGO® Education to teach each other. It shows how empowered the LEGO Education solutions help them to feel. I absolutely love that."​

Early Learning teacher, USA

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Confidence Poll​

Confidence in STEAM Across the Globe​

A recent global confidence poll reveals a gap in STEAM learning, and finds that hands-on learning is critical to boosting confidence.

Lesson Plans

Deliver Fun and Engaging Lessons​

Use our lesson plans to easily integrate play into your classroom.

Supporting Teachers

Supporting Teachers in the Classroom​

Unit Plans​

All unit plans and lessons have been developed using guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the 21st Century Early Learning framework (P21) and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

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Getting Started & Inspiration Cards

In all our solutions you will find a Getting Started card with activities that make it easy for you to start using the solutions in your classroom. There are also free online videos if you need more help getting started.

You will find inspiration cards in all our solutions to help the children get inspired and gain confidence in playing and learning with the solutions.

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Professional Development​

We provide full-day professional training to help you successfully integrate the Early Learning solutions into your classroom.

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Software Apps​

Some of our solutions also include a free, child-friendly app for an even more immersive experience.

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The LEGO® Education Continuum​

The Early Learning portfolio is part of the LEGO® Education Continuum of Learning, offering hands-on STEAM learning solutions for students of all ages.