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Music - Animal Concert

With this lesson children will be able to recognise different animal sounds and be able to compose a simple melody using digital tools.

30-45 min.
Reception-Year 1



Ask the children if they know what sounds different animals make.
Have them try to imitate some of these sounds.
Pick a song about animals that is well-known to your class and sing and/or dance to it.
Tell the children that the safari bus is full of children from nursery / reception today.
They are going to a concert performed by forest animals!
Would you like to join them and meet all of the animal singers?



Build the safari bus and a train track (an O-shaped track is recommended).
Now experiment with the app.
Put the safari bus on the track and allow the children to explore the different functions of each button in the app.
Place one action brick of each colour on the track.
Have the children take turns using the app to “drive” the bus.
What happens after the bus passes each action brick?


Talk to the children about the sounds they have just heard.

Ask questions like:

  • What did you hear when the bus went over the action bricks?
  • Did you know those animal sounds?
  • What animals did you hear? (Ask the children to build the animals they’ve named.)

Ask the children to place each animal next to its action brick.
Use the app to see if the sound matches the animals they have built.


Tell the children that they are going to make their own animal concert!
Have the children place the action bricks in any order on the track to compose their own music!
Talk to the children about their composition.

Ask them what they would like to express with their music (e.g., happiness, excitement, nice weather).
Encourage the children to sing and dance to their music.
Stuffed animals or similar toys can be used as props for their performance.


Evaluate the children’s skills development by observing if they’re:

  • Asking “what would happen if” questions
  • Identifying cause and effect relationships
  • Making predictions
  • Correctly sequencing numbers or events
  • Designing and expressing ideas using digital tools and technology
  • Expressing thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others

More Ideas

Use this lesson’s format to create lessons for the Music Band in the app. Involve different instruments in the Engage phase discussion and explore more interesting sounds with your children.

For a more challenging music lesson, try Are you sleeping Brother John? to the tune of Frère Jacques.

  1. Investigate the melody of each action brick.
  2. Sequence the action bricks to match the song.
  3. Compose a new song by remixing the action bricks.

Teacher Support

Children will:

  • Understand that the behaviour of the action bricks is different when using the app
  • Be able to recognise different animal sounds
  • Be able to compose a simple melody using digital tools

For up to four students

Coding Express Set (45025)
Coding Express App

Each lesson has been developed using the science, science, mathematics, and technology guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Head Start, and the 21st Century Early Years Learning skills.

The learning goals listed at the end of each lesson can be used to determine whether each child is developing the relevant skills. These bullet points target specific skills or pieces of information that are practiced or presented during each lesson.