Tech Machines set with Storage

Safety First

In this lesson children will start to use planning to solve problems, they will get an understanding of how safety elements function and explore the engineering process by designing, building, and testing models.

0-30 min
Reception-Year 1


Talk to the children about safety.

Explain that:

  • Construction equipment can be very dangerous.
  • Big, heavy machinery takes skill to operate.
  • Just like adults have to get a license to drive a car, machine operators have to get a license to operate their machines.

Tell the children that accidents do happen and that’s why it’s important for construction equipment to be designed to be as safe as possible.



Show the children the two types of shields.

Explain that a shield protects a machine operator from debris, and may even protect the operator if their construction equipment rolls over.

Show the children the tire treads and explain that treads keep the operators safe by helping their construction equipment roll over all types of ground.

Ask the children to build a piece of construction equipment with the special safety elements of a shield and tire treads.

Explain that they may use the building cards for inspiration or design their own piece of equipment.

As the children build, help them use the screwdriver to secure elements as needed.



Facilitate a discussion about the children’s models.

Ask questions like:

  • Which special safety element did you use?
  • How does it help make the equipment safer?
  • What are some other ways machine operators can stay safe?

Tell the children that it is important for machine operators to follow safety rules.
Ask: What are some rules that machine operators should follow in order to stay safe?



Encourage the children to demonstrate how the operator uses the equipment safely.

If the children are able to, ask them to demonstrate how the special safety element protected the operator during the accident.

Discuss what action people would take during an accident in real life (e.g., calling 9-1-1).

Did you notice?

Observing the following skills can help you monitor whether the children are developing the necessary competencies:

  • Science - Using strategy and planning to solve problems
  • Technology - Using technology, such as wheels and simple tools in appropriate ways
  • Engineering - Building physical models and illustrating how they function
  • Engineering - Participating in the engineering process by designing, building, and testing models

Teacher Support

Children will:

  • Explore the components of the Tech Machines set
  • Discuss safety
  • Think creatively to solve safety problems
  • Describe how safety elements, such as a windshield, function

For up to 4 children

The learning guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Head Start, and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have been used to develop the Tech Machines lessons. This Teacher Guide focuses on the learning values for math, science, and engineering. Please refer to the learning grid for an overview of the learning values referenced throughout the lessons. The learning goals listed at the end of each lesson can be used to determine whether each child is developing the relevant skills. These bullet points target specific skills or pieces of information that are practiced or presented during each lesson.