SPIKE™ Essential

Explore Lesson 1

Coach your team through the FIRST LEGO League Explore guided lessons and prepare them for the challenges to come!

30-45 min.
All Years


  • Review the Explore Lesson 1 lesson in the LEGO® Education SPIKE App.
  • If necessary, pre-teach these related vocabulary words:
    brainstorm, design, test, iterate.


(5 minutes)

  • Facilitate a quick discussion about brainstorming.
  • Encourage pupils to think about coming up with lots of ideas and then trying them out while they build and code. Remind them its ok if an idea does not work first time.


(20 minutes)

  • Allow pupils to be guided by the LEGO® Education SPIKE App to complete their first challenge.

  • Build the basic model, on which the pupils can explore new ideas.

  • Pupils will then iterate and test their model to complete the next two challenges in the app.

  • The next challenges include:

  • Change the program to improve the ride.

  • Consider how to build on the simple solution and iterate the design.


(5 minutes)

  • Talk to the pupils using SPIKE Essential to reflect on their challenges by asking questions such as:
  • What happened when the idea you brainstormed did not work?
  • How did you work together as a team to make it work?


(5 minutes)

  • Prompt pupils to discuss and reflect on the brainstorming process.
  • What questions did you ask to help your brainstorming?
  • How did you use ideas from the Explore challenge story to help you brainstorm?


(as needed)

  • Ask guiding questions to encourage your pupils to “think aloud” and explain their thought processes and reasoning in the decisions they’ve made while building and programming.

Teacher Observation Checklist

  • Measure your pupils’ proficiency in brainstorming solutions for a defined problem.
  • Create a scale that matches your needs. For example:
    1. Requires additional support
    2. Can work independently
    3. Can teach others


  • Have each pupil choose the brick that they feel best represents their performance.
    • Yellow: I think I can brainstorm to solve a problem.
    • Blue: I can brainstorm to solve a problem.
    • Green: I can brainstorm to solve a problem, and I can help a friend do it too.

Peer Assessment

  • In their small groups, have your pupils discuss their experiences working together.
  • Encourage them to use statements like these:
    • I liked it when you…
    • I’d like to hear more about how you…


Model Tip

  • After your pupils complete their second challenge, they’ll be provided with an open-ended prompt for improving their models.
  • Encourage them to consider the Explore challenge, and how they might create something relevant to that context.

There are no specific building instructions for this challenge.


Simplify this lesson by:

  • Shortening the lesson to only include the first challenge.

Increase the difficulty by:

  • Adding the Light or the Colour Sensor to make it more exciting.
  • Brainstorming a way to use the ride as a solution to the Explore challenge.

Teacher Support

Pupils will:

  • Begin brainstorming solutions for the challenge problem.
  • Learn to use SPIKE Essential to help solve the Explore challenge.

(one for every two pupils)

  • LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set
  • Device with the LEGO® Education SPIKE App installed
  • FIRST LEGO League Explore Set
- Building instructions- Meet the Team: Minifigure Bios

*FIRST* LEGO League Explore Engineering Notebook

Pupil Material

Student Worksheet

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