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Learning Can Happen Anywhere
As educators around the world address the disruption to students’ learning, it is even more important to provide meaningful learning experiences that help build resilience.
LEGO® Education solutions have been purposefully designed to increase student engagement and confidence for all learners.
Teachers will find guidance and inspiration to continue hands-on learning with LEGO®.

Guidelines for classroom management
Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

At LEGO Education, hybrid learning is a term to refer to the variety of methods teachers are using to deliver their curriculum across a number of settings.

Hybrid earning includes a combination of blended, flipped, distance/virtual/online approaches coupled with shifts/rotation schedules in school buildings.

Check out the new LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime STEAM lessons - adaptable for hybrid learning settings:

Adapt your lessons for hybrid learning with the help of one of our useful guides:

Help your students manage their learning material at home:

Activity Briefs - Easy-to-use, printable 1-pagers that inspire students with open-ended challenges:

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning occurs via use of technology/digital tools. Teacher and learners are in different physical locations (at a distance).

Adapt your lessons for virtual learning with the support of one of our helpful guides:

Supplement your SPIKE Prime lessons with a third-party virtual experience:

Help your students manage their learning material at home:

At Home Learning

Resources to help you support your child learning at home

Stay At Home STEAM Learning
Our solutions provide a medium for building ideas and models while practicing important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

At Home Resources and Support
Create an At Home STEAM learning space with our top tips and activities for providing home learning experiences for children K-8 grade.