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LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Compatibility

Raspberry Pi with LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime
LEGO® Education and Raspberry Pi work together to provide tools for students, teachers and makers all over the world to expand their creative digital skills and discover hands-on learning experiences.
Inspire your students to explore more advanced creations and continue to nurture their interest in STEAM learning by combining SPIKE Prime with Raspberry Pi (or other single board computing devices). The Maker Plate together with the Raspberry Pi Build HAT allows you to easily integrate Raspberry Pi computers into your SPIKE Prime creations.

Scratch with LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime
LEGO® Education has created open-ended Scratch projects with SPIKE Prime that offer virtual options for teachers and schools to engage all students while learning at a distance. These projects expose students to fundamental Scratch coding skills in a fun and engaging way which can serve as preparation for learning with the physical SPIKE Prime set and app. To exemplify how the projects can be utilized and facilitated with students at school or at home, dedicated lesson plans are available on the LEGO Education Community site.
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CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime
CoderZ in collaboration with LEGO® Education brings the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime online educational experience, now available to all students through the CoderZ Adventure simulation environment. This experience allows students to code their SPIKE Prime robots within CoderZ’s online learning environment and develop STEAM skills in an entirely virtual setting. For schools adapting to remote learning, CoderZ Adventure with SPIKE Prime enables teachers to monitor and evaluate students’ progress while giving them the opportunity to practice STEAM skills in a fun and intuitive arena.
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