LEGO® Education at BETT 2020

Join us at BETT from 22nd - 25th January 2020 as we celebrate our 40th anniversary and the launch of LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, the latest addition to our continuum of cutting edge learning solutions.

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Countdown to the 15th August – and help hack the moon with LEGO Education!

On August 15th this year students also have the opportunity to use LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 and EV3 to develop their own piece of code.

Last year over10,000 pupils participated in this free event – and this year the challenge is on globally to beat this world record!

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Become the brains behind the computer!

According to, only 40 per cent of schools teach computer programming. However, over the last few years, more and more countries have recognised the importance of computing, coding, and the associated skills that help children to develop and prepare for the working world.

So, how can we improve our knowledge and teach the benefits of computational thinking in a more inspiring and creative way?

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Top tips for teaching coding

Does coding strike you as a daunting subject to teach in school? All the more if you know some of your pupils or students are quite technology-proficient. In fact, coding is simply another language and it gives you the power to communicate with technology, asking it to perform various tasks and functions. Read some top tips for teaching computing in this article.

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Coding clicks when building bricks

With 54 per cent of teachers in the UK believing their students know more about ICT and computing than they do, it’s almost inevitable for teachers to feel anxious about teaching a subject like computing; after all, it’s reasonably new for them too, plus it’s a topic that can’t be taught solely with a textbook. So, what can teachers do to bring computing lessons to life and achieve success?

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