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A Continuum of Making and Learning

From preschool to middle school, LEGO Education provides a continuum of hands-on playful learning tools that engage every student's natural curiosity, and help them develop the skills and confidence they'll need in the future.

become a maker
Learning to code through LEGO® gives students the opportunity to use a physical problem-solving tool in their coding exercises. Their code comes to life in ways they can see, hear, touch and even chase across the room.

Bill Church
Profile Jr/Sr High School, Bethlehem, NH

NEW: Bring STEAM to Life in Preschool Classrooms

Learn more about our new solution focusing on STEAM in early years education. STEAM Park builds on every child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore and investigate. 

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LEGO Education - Preschool - STEAM Park

The Hands-On Approach to Coding

Build Code Learn with LEGO Education

Get hands-on with the power of coding with real-life STEM challenges and engaging physical and digital creation.

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Build Code Learn with LEGO Education

Getting Started with Machines & Mechanisms

Need help getting started in your classroom? Check out our new online tutorials to help you get up and running with Machines & Mechanisms

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LEGO Education Getting Started

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Searching for funding? We can help!

Check out our new Grants and Funding page to find details on grant opportunities and tips for writing your own grant requests.  You can download our guide or find specific examples for your LEGO education classroom solution.

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Coming to a city near you

Visit us at an event and experience our products, participate in one of our hands-on workshops, or just stop by to tell us how you create engaging learning experiences in your classroom.

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Professional training and development

Get the most out of your LEGO Education resources with LEGO Education Academy training resources. Either bring a certified trainer to your school for a custom face-to-face professional development experience, or opt for one of our e-learning courses.

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Contact a Solutions Consultant

Interested in learning more about LEGO Education Solutions? Not sure where to start? Contact one of our Solutions Consultants who will help you find the right solution to fit your needs. Non-US residents, please find your local distributor to get started.

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