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Learning solutions designed to empower students and teachers, build deeper understanding and engagement, and ignite a life-long love of learning.

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Meaningful learning, extraordinary engagement, and the resources and support to ensure success.

Meeting Standards – Having Fun

Engaging, standards-aligned lessons that are easy to get started, with the scalability to meet all learners where they are.

Excite, Engage and Inspire

Hands-on playful learning solutions featuring the familiar LEGO® bricks that inspire all types of students to become active learners.

Everything you need to succeed

Built in scaffolding, professional development and a community of like-minded educators ready to support you.


The Case for Computer Science

Read our whitepaper to uncover the critical skills students learn through computer science.


Engaging, Hands-On Summer Programs

Read our brochure to learn how to create hands-on, meaningful experiences this summer.

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World Play Day

We invite everyone to join us in celebrating the power of play on World Play Day and every day.

Standards Alignment

Standards Mapping by State

Learn how our solutions align to science and technology standards in your state.


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Together, We Can Transform Education

By inviting joy and curiosity into the classroom,  we can enable all students and educators to thrive, developing the skills needed to build a better world for themselves and for others.


Loved by Teachers

“(...) Two of the skills that I think are super important to have in the real world are critical thinking and problem solving. Both of those skills are fostered quite easily through LEGO Education.”

Ryan Riess
Technology and Engineering Teacher, William Annin Middle School

“LEGO Education has changed the way I feel about teaching tremendously. (...) When I introduced the LEGO bricks, all of a sudden, a lot of lights turned on in the classroom. (...) Instead of me pushing information to them, they're pulling from me and pulling from their projects to get their information. They want more.”

Alicia Miller
Teacher, formerly from Columbia County Georgia

“When we think of academic standards, we think of immediately going to that book work. However, by integrating LEGO Education products, it creates this playful balance in your class. We have to remember that these students are still just kids, and one way to get them learning is through play.”

Andrea Lugo
School Coordinator, El Dorado Avenue Elementary