Together we make coding in the classroom a reality using robotic tools that engage and inspire.

with LEGO® Education

The hands-on approach to learning

Empower your classroom with coding 

Solve real-world challenges through coding

The hands-on learning approach is about providing students with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem solving through coding. It is about creativity and collaboration, motivation and self-direction. It is about improvisation and discovery, and playful learning experiences with real-world relevance.

The unique combination of building with the familiar LEGO bricks, using easy-to-use coding software and engaging curriculum relevant STEM challenges, makes coding fun and relevant for elementary and middle school students. Basically, everything you need to help every student to succeed at STEM through coding.

Children learn best when they are actively engaged in constructing something that has a personal meaning to them – be it a poem, a robot, a sandcastle, or a computer program.

Seymour Aubrey Papert

Coding in Elementary School

Teach coding, brick by brick. Through our simple and intuitive drag and drop interface, elementary students develop 21st century skills through computational thinking.

Coding for Middle School

Get hands-on with the power of coding. With real-life STEM challenges and engaging physical and digital creation, we enable middle school students to develop their 21st century skills through computational thinking.