Make coding come to life in your classroom

with LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0


Combining hands-on LEGO® bricks with easy-to-use coding software and inspiring STEM projects, LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 enables teachers and their students to explore the building blocks of coding in a real-world environment.


From simple drag and drop interfaces to developing more complex algorithms, teachers are empowered to encourage students to explore the world around them and develop their own ideas and theories, making science come to life through coding.


Through real-life STEM challenges and engaging physical and digital creation, WeDo 2.0 enables students to develop computational thinking skills and transform them directly into programming solutions that interact with the real world.

Here's how you start coding:

Why should elementary students learn to code?

Coding is part of what is called computational thinking, and computational thinking is a fundamental set of skills all students need to learn if they want to be prepared for the future real-world challenges they will encounter. This approach to problem solving can help students in all STEM subjects and beyond.

Computational thinking involves:

  1. Decomposition
  2. Generalization (Pattern recognition) 
  3. Algorithmic Thinking (Coding)
  4. Evaluating
  5. Abstraction

Using computational thinking to encourage students to explore, build, code, test and refine solutions to engaging STEM challenges, they are better prepared for the real-world challenges awaiting them. WeDo 2.0 now includes eight exciting new projects specifically designed to engage in coding through developing students’ abilities to apply computational thinking.

Why use WeDo 2.0 to code in the classroom?

The unique combination of building with the familiar LEGO bricks, using easy-to-use coding software and engaging curriculum relevant STEM challenges makes coding fun and relevant for elementary students. Basically, everything you need to help every student to succeed at STEM through coding.

WeDo 2.0 helps students develop ways of thinking with coding as its foundation. 

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