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Grants and Funding

Learn more about grant opportunities and funding in your district, plus learn how to write successful grants for LEGO Education products.

Funding Sources

Fund Your Classroom

We know you work hard to bring engaging, inspiring classroom experiences to your students. We want to make funding your STEM projects simpler. That is why we are now on With you can fund your classroom materials through community donations. Did you know you can also fund your STEM projects with Title I, II, III, IV funds along with IDEA and Perkins funds? It’s true! As long as you are doing any one of the following in your classroom:

  • Improving instruction and student engagement in STEM by expanding high-quality STEM courses
  • Providing hands-on learning opportunities in STEM with products and solutions that support inquiry-based and active learning
  • Using the funds to support the participation of students in STEM nonprofit competitions, such as robotics
  • Integrating other academic subjects into STEM subject programs
  • Creating or enhancing STEM specialty schools
  • Integrating classroom-based, afterschool, and informal STEM instruction

LEGO® Education helps you achieve all of the above. Contact the administrator of your school in charge of the funds to determine how best to achieve your STEM goals, and visit our Guide to Funding to help you get started with federal funding. Are you considering writing a grant to obtain funding?  Use our Guides for Writing Grants and check our list of popular education grant providers

Guide to Writing Grants

LEGO® Education is committed to helping educators learn about grants to help grant writers, like you, be successful. This section provides you with support in identifying a grant, understanding what to include about the LEGO® Education solution that fits your needs, and additional support for writing your grant. 

Funding with DonorsChoose.Org

We are on is a non-profit organization that connects public school classrooms with the community to help fund student learning. Find out more about posting your classroom project to and raising funds to benefit your classroom.


Find Popular Education Grants

Looking to apply for a grant?  Browse from a list of popular education grant providers and find one that suites your classroom needs.

Our educational solutions meet many of the guidelines listed by leading grant funding sources. When writing a grant, it is sometimes necessary to provide details on what you plan to do with or why you need the grant. We have compiled guides, including everything from the features of the solution to what you can accomplish in your classroom to what your students will learn, for our solutions.

Browse our solutions below for grant writing samples.

Find Grant Writing Samples For LEGO Solutions