The Ultimate Makerspace Starts with Curiosity

LEGO Education. Curiosity Builds

A makerspace is a creative prototyping workspace where makers gather to share knowledge, experiment, create, tinker and learn. LEGO® Education Maker empowers every student, at all grade levels, to follow their curiosity wherever it leads them, in a safe, inspiring, and instantly accessible environment. The LEGO® brick, with its simple and intuitive building system, is the perfect prototyping tool. Students start exploring with a handful of LEGO bricks and begin to create, test, build and rebuild. As they work toward their ultimate goal, they continuously modify, retest and rebuild.

5 Ideas to Making a Great Makerspace

You can make a makerspace anywhere with a simple collection of materials on a classroom shelf, in a cart, or even organized on a LEGO® baseplate. Let our guide help you design the right makerspace for your classroom needs and create ways to engage your students in out-of-the-box ideas as well as real-world problem solving.

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Maker Lessons

The combination of LEGO Education sets and Maker lessons designed around them, provides an inspiring, safe and supportive experience to start exploring, collaborating and mixing materials. This exploration helps every student become a maker at any grade level.

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Why Makerspace?

By encouraging playful learning and tinkering, our Maker lesson plans and other open-ended curriculum help you get the most out of your makerspace, including:

  • Supporting the social and emotional development, creativity, and academic skills of your students
  • Building knowledge, and critical thinking & collaboration skills
  • Giving students the chance to be risk-takers and helping them accept and learn from their mistakes
  • Enabling an environment of student choice and self-directed learning

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Interested in learning more about LEGO Education Solutions and Makerspaces? Not sure where to start? Contact one of our Solutions Consultants who will help you find the right solution to fit your needs. Non-US residents, please find your local distributor to get started.
Kids are motivated and inspired to learn when they are using learning to make something they care about. A teacher’s most important role is to provide them with the tools and freedom to make those things.

Seymour Papert
Educator and pioneer of constructionist learning