We are LEGO® Education.

Hi there! We are LEGO® Education and we're glad that you've found us. We dream of a world where the question “how was school today?” lights a spark of joy. We have a feeling you may dream of the same world.  As part of The LEGO Group, we have been committed to children and the importance of play for nearly a century. We go to work every day to enable students all over the world to thrive and grow both in and out of school. 

But many students today are not prepared for the future because they are disengaged in school, leading to disengaged teachers and parents. We’re here to help tackle this cycle by making learning incredibly engaging.   

LEGO Education is a unique team of educators and innovators, and based on the LEGO® brick, we’ve built engaging learning experiences for over 40 years. But what we bring to the classroom is more than just fun - we’re serious about learning outcomes. We work alongside administrators to implement standards-aligned STEAM programs for Pre-K-8 that help students build their academic knowledge and essential skills like critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. 

Our Learning Through Play methodology has proven itself again and again because it fits students’ natural and intuitive way of learning – which is collaborative, hands-on, and fun. 

Our ambition is to help transform formal education so students can develop the skills they need to build happy lives for themselves and for others. We welcome you on this journey with us.

Let's build and learn together.