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Encouraging Learning Through Play

LEGO® Education Solutions for early learning use play to open up the world of early math, science, and language skills for young children. Hands-on, engaging explorations with colorful LEGO® DUPLO® bricks ignite natural curiosity and foster a love of discovery and investigation, while playful faces, storytelling activities, and collaboration-based lesson plans for teachers help the youngest students develop social and emotional skills that set them up for a lifetime of successful learning.

We see the world with our eyes; we change it with our hands.
Hands-on LEGO® Learning is for life.

21st Century Curriculum

LEGO Learning Solutions are designed to ignite curiosity and integrate easily into your classroom. Developed in collaboration with university leaders and educators in the classroom — and tested by teachers! — LEGO Education’s lesson plans are aligned to HeadStart and NAEYC guidelines and provide more than 25 early learning activities that stimulate learning through play.

With LEGO Education’s curriculum tools for early learning, students:

  • Form social and emotional skills though self-regulation, group play, and idea sharing
  • Develop problem-solving skills through play-based scenarios
  • Explore how things work through physical interactions and storytelling

Training for Teachers

LEGO Education Academy wants every teacher to succeed using our solutions in the classroom by providing confidence-building, engaging, and playful training.

In sessions targeted to specific LEGO Education solutions, certified trainers coach educators on how to integrate LEGO solutions into their existing STEM curriculum, offer the opportunity to experience lessons from a student perspective, and give teachers the tools they need to apply the LEGO Education hands-on learning philosophy to their lesson plans.

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Preschool Early Maths and Science

Time-Saving Tools

Our guides and standards-aligned activities give you a jump start, so you can dive right in to using LEGO Education Early Learning in your classroom. Flexible HeadStart- and NAEYC-aligned lesson plans mean you spend less time planning and more time catching those “aha!” moments.

Getting started with LEGO Education solutions is quick and easy. Preview our getting started guides and see all available Early Learning lessons.

A World to Explore

LEGO DUPLO sets help children investigate the world around them, developing critical social and computational skills as they sort, classify, build, examine, and share their creations:

  • Constructing and deconstructing provides a tactile way to learn early math and science concepts
  • Creating and sharing stories using DUPLO characters builds early language and literacy skills
  • Roleplaying with “Emotions” bricks fosters social and emotional development
  • Creative exploration with other students builds negotiation, self-expression, and turn-taking skills.

Early Learning Solutions

Developed in alignment with NAEYC and HeadStart guidelines to promote 21st Century skills
for young children, LEGO Education Early Learning offers solutions in these areas:

Early Math & Science

Children naturally sort, count, and classify, and LEGO DUPLO bricks provide a hands-on way to explore numbers, shapes, and colors as kids construct and deconstruct their creations. Colorful bricks and figures offer an engaging way to learn about cause and effect, motion, addition, and subtraction.

Early Language & Literacy

Nothing builds communication skills more than having the chance to express thoughts and ideas to others. Using LEGO DUPLO characters and backdrops to create stories introduces basic storytelling concepts to children and gives them an opportunity to share ideas — and the spotlight! — together.

Social & Emotional Development

Helping children develop social skills is a critical component of early learning education. LEGO Education Early Learnings’s “Emotions” bricks help teach kids to recognize feelings and understand similarities and differences, while developing collaboration and turn-taking skills.                                       

Creative Exploration

In the hands of children, LEGO bricks are tangible, colorful tools that encourage creative play and foster collaboration. By constructing their own imaginative ideas with other students, kids build their communication, negotiation, and self-expression skills while practicing basic sorting and counting concepts.

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